I have taken New World CBD on multi-week bike trips...this is part of my everyday recovery plan. Plus, it’s a company supporting diabetes advocacy with a personal connection to the cause.
Erik Douds
(Biked 10,000+ Miles While Managing Type 1 Diabetes)

GoPacks: Enhance Any Beverage


On the road, to your favorite coffee shop, on the trail, in the air! Add our CBD GoPacks to enhance your favorite beverage, hot or cold. 

New World CBD GoPacks bring you 25mg of highly bioavailable CBD in a single use, dissolvable powder form. Clinically proven to enter your bloodstream within 15-30 minutes. GoPacks contain no flavors or sweeteners, are Vegan based, and made for your on-the-go convenient lifestyle.

Athletes competing in any and all fields should be taking this, but it's not only for people logging hours of wear and tear on their body. New World CBD works great for my anxiety and sleep issues too!
Dan Spitz
(former UFC)
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Family Farm Fresh.

We grow all of our hemp at our family farm in Dundee, Oregon and we process all of our CBD at our state of the art facility in Salem, Oregon. New World CBD is expertly extracted, 3rd party tested and 100% American Made.

Complete package
CBD Complete Package

Quality CBD products delivered right to your door/ CBD delivered at your doorstep.

By sowing a seed to getting orders delivered, we take satisfaction in our wide variety of hemp-derived CBD products to make a smooth experience by focusing on detailed information and high quality.

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